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Pet Odor Removal, Pet Urine Removal Savannah

Pet odor removal should be performed by a professional. Home remedies just mask pet odors and we can guarantee the smell will return. The reason the smell returns is basically because pet odors (pet dander, body oils, anal gland issue – rubbing, urination and feces) often become embedded in carpets, hardwood flooring and furniture.

Areas To Treat

Additionally, there are areas in your home where your beloved pets prefer to hang out and with continued usage that area can become heavily soiled. This is especially true of urine since pets tend to urinate and defecate in the same area repeatedly based on smell.  Eventually, the urine and feces will work down into the backing and padding of carpet reaching hardwood floors. Feline urine is particularly difficult to remove without proper treatment.

Enzyme Application For Pet Odor Removal Success

Enzymes are a must for successful pet odor removal. These are applied after carpet cleaning and left on to continue working long after we have completed our odor removal process. If an enzyme is applied before cleaning, maximum results will not be achieved. This product is available upon request at an additional fee.

Areas We Serve

Savannah GA, Wilmington Island GA, Thunderbolt GA, Tybee Island GA, Skidaway Island GA, Pooler GA, Bloomingdale GA, Rincon GA, Richmond Hill GA, Port Wentworth GA, South Guyton GA, Montgomery GA,  Vernonburg GA, Georgetown GA and others.

Interested in professional pet odor removal? Contact us Crystal Clear at 912-898-0050 for an in-home consultation. See the difference professional pet odor removal can make. Improve your home’s smell, the air quality and the health of your home.

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