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Oriental Rug Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Savannah

Oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning can be cleaned in place at your home. Some companies offer to pick up your area rugs and deliver them back to your after cleaning. This is not necessary and usually warrants a hefty fee.

Older Rug Care

Older area rugs such as silk, Oriental, and Persian rugs require special care when cleaning. Oriental rug cleaning, in particular, requires special cleaning techniques to prevent damage to the natural fibers and dyes. They need to be handled gently or they could be damaged permanently. For these jobs, it is best to leave it to the professionals who have the necessary equipment, training, and knowledge to identify textile types and the proper cleaning method needed for each type of rug fiber and backing. We thoroughly inspect the rug noting any areas that are damaged or in need of special cleaning such as pet stains, and remove any loose soil before cleaning.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

We lower the water/steam pressure and increase the suction. With this process, we are able to clean the rugs, in place, without having to move them–even if they are on hardwood floors. The dyes in the rug(s) will not run and the hardwood floors are safe with this method.

Pricing: Oriental rugs and area rugs are priced on site by the technician. Prices on rugs vary depending on size.

Areas We Serve

Savannah GA, Wilmington Island GA, Thunderbolt GA, Tybee Island GA, Skidaway Island GA, Pooler GA, Bloomingdale GA, Rincon GA, Richmond Hill GA, Port Wentworth GA, South Guyton GA, Montgomery GA,  Vernonburg GA, Georgetown GA and others.

Save hundreds of dollars by having your oriental rugs and area rugs cleaned in your home. The process is the same whether it is done in your home or off site. Contact Crystal Clear at 912-898-0050 to schedule an appointment.

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